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Light On My Mind

Now I’ve been down in the dark
For what feels a long time
But I got a little spark
In this little heart of mine.
So I’m a take this spark
And I’m a make something shine
Got life in my veins
And that life is divine.
I’ve walked on dark plains
Had a lot of dark on my mind
But I never lost heart
Just lost a little time.
But what’s a little time?
To find peace in your mind?
And with peace in my mind
Won’t be wasting time with those wasting mine.

Few tweaks
In the depths of my mind
Fresh beats
In this deep heart of mine
Light creeps
Through the streets of my mind
Travel through the dark
And it's always light that I find.
So much life on my mind
So much light left to shine
From the depths of my mind
So much life to design.

Body maybe little past its prime
In this life that I dine
But something speaks in my mind
‘You haven’t peaked in your time’.
Some say my mind’s for the birds
But my heart’s in my words
And they’re both having fun
With this light that has come.
I got life in my veins
I got light on my mind
And all that remains
Is the possibility of time. 
© Daniel Breslin

Smiling Under Pressure

This world will kick you when you’re down
Make you feel so bloody small
Some people even kick you when you’re down
Just to make themselves feel tall.

That’s how big they are
How big they’ll always be
To kick you when you are down
View it as opportunity.

Now these people might find it hard
To look you in your eye
When you raise up from the floor
And still flash them a smile.

You don’t need to kick them
No, you don’t need them at all
For you are not the victim
And you are not their ball.

You are something more
You are something better
You raised up from the floor
While lifting off their pressure.

They’d not lend a hand
But to keep you down
And yet there you stand
Smiling, while they try to hide their frown.

These people aren’t your friends
But don’t make them your enemies
Let them be what they pretend
No harm to keep them friendly.

But you live your life for you
And you note, that when you fell
And life was beating you blue
They tried beat you black as well.

People never cease to surprise you
Their selfishness never fails to amaze
From lows let something beautiful rise and rise in you
Till the day you’re lowered in the grave.

For you are something more
For you are something better
You raised up off the floor
Smiling under pressure.

© Daniel Breslin