Daniel Breslin is probably Ireland’s least known and least respected professionally trained failed actor. Unlike Robert De Niro who got paid to act like he was living with his Mom in ‘The King of Comedy’, Daniel actually lives with his.

Through the medium of his poetry, Daniel feels an obligation to remind the world that it may still have a beating heart somewhere beneath its rotten exterior .

Aside from sorting out the planet, Daniel’s only real goal is to write poetry ‘people can relate to’. He hopes readers may get the feeling, that they themselves, could easily write what he has written (which, in fairness, is not an outlandish aspiration).

Personally, Daniel has had his heart kicked around like a training ground football. He feels that this deflating experience has given him a unique worm’s view of the ‘pitch of life’ (as he calls it).

Now, for the first time, Daniel is publishing his works for free. As a struggling artiste, he has provided the option to donate, in whatever capacity one feels inclined (see below).

Due to the regularity of him never ‘getting the part’, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter Daniel’s handsome visage on the big screen. You may however, see him on the open mic scene, as, despite all odds, he may publicly explode at any given time.

Though Daniel has put his heart on the line perhaps once too often, he says he’ll damn well lay it down anytime he feels like it, for, when it comes to love, he’s without question, a man among men.

Daniel has an amorous attitude to those who read and support his work. He feels raw contempt for those who don’t.

Help Daniel avoid the ignominy of his mother having to ask him to vacate her basement, by clicking on the following:

Happy reading.