Sum Of All The Parts

What’s eating on your soul girl?
Sit down, let off your cares
Look like you’re carrying the whole world
Why don’t you pull up a chair?

My ears are there for listening
If you’ve something to say
Or let’s just listen to the wind whistling
Some of those cares away.

It ain’t easy out here
Is it for us girl?
World will drum you up with fear
Make your insides curl.

What’s weighing on your mind?
What’s eating on your nerves?
What’s beating you blind?
Or can you even find the words?

Is it the sum of all the parts?
Is it the gnawing of the whole?
Is it the betrayal of weaker hearts?
Making a prison of your soul?

Is it all your eyes see?
All your heart feels?
When this world won’t seem to let you be
Anything resembling real?

Do you feel your time wasted?
By wasters in disguise?
Who are so completely tasteless
They’d allow you give your life to lies?

Is everyone in it for their piece?
Only in for themselves?
Take your soul piece by piece
Just to decorate their shelves?

In the halls of empty promises
In the halls of vulgar gold
Where the only thing that’s honest is
Their love of control.

Is this world too overpowering?
Is it sucking from your veins?
Does the sum of the parts come towering?
To eat the beauty your soul would claim?

Do you feel like you’re on show?
That your best ain’t good enough?
Are the days making you feel low?
Till it’s hard just getting up?

Does the world applaud and value trickery?
Praise that stuff as smart
Seem to mock and laugh in victory
That you’d dare give it your heart?

Is it eroding your community?
Separating in its veiled ploy?
As your fingers slip from unity
Something you feel you might enjoy?

Is it everything above?
Or is it nothing at all?
Sometimes just to think those thoughts does good
For some people don’t seem to think at all.

Ain’t that wind whistling soothing?
Don’t that breeze make you feel good?
Even when we’re losing
In simplicity we can find love.

Listen to your voice
It’s guiding you, if you can
They try drown it out but we still have choice
Even when the world don’t seem to give a damn.

Is something beating on your soul?
Is something gnawing on your heart?
Now and again we all feel the heavy toll
Of the sum of all the parts.

© Daniel Breslin