You To Me Are Therapy

You to me are therapy
You to me my friends
You to me are everything
My last line of defence.

When this world creeps coldly
When it scratches at your core
And a part of you feels like folding
You keep me holding on for more.

When the hands of time come kicking
Beating at your door
Where your ego is slowly retreating
From its self defeating shape before.

When the things that got us through
No longer serve our needs
And we must give birth to something new
It’s with you the new life breathes.

When the world comes gutting
Cutting at before
And you feel like you know nothing
You remind me of something more.

It’s alright to feel lost
It’s alright to show your pain
All growth comes at a cost
But you help make that cost humane.

We all have our own injuries
We all have our own wounds
That conflict with our self imagery
Our protective structured tools.

We all develop skills
To side step some of our pain
So on other parts of us we can build
Till we are strong enough to face that pain again.

And as we turn to face our demons
As we turn to face our past
In our friendships I find new meanings
In the quiet as much as laughs.

When all platforms seem to be failing
When times are changing, a platform you provide
It’s that friendship that keeps us sailing
And in that ship I take some pride.

For what you extend to me
I extend to you
And that is therapy
That is what we do.

You to me are therapy
You to me my friends
And therapy is everything
When we are at our wits ends.

It is in our times of weakness
We display our greatest strength
When we refuse to be defeated
Our last line of defence.

© Daniel Breslin