“A wordsmith beyond compare and a bastard beyond beautiful, Daniel Breslin is as real as the deal gets.”
-Terry McMahon (Writer, Director)

“Daniel, your dedication to my son Philip is outstanding, loved by Philip’s fans the world over, but especially me, your friend”
-Philomena Lynott

“Dan has an unassuming presence that belies the beat of his raging heart and the power of his live performance. His incredibly rhytmic delivery and mastery of wordplay left me roaring for more. I gave him a standing ovation! The fucker blew me away. Whatever it is live poetry is supposed to have, he has it in spades.”
-Colm Keegan (Poet, Writer)

“Daniel wears his heart on his sleeve through his work, which touches the very essence of what it is to be human. The journey through his reflection of highs and lows in such a humorous authentic charm. It reaches out and captures your heart.”
-Shauna Lawson (Actress)

“This poet has more balls than most of the bullshitters combined. His vulnerability and honesty is only matched by his bravery. More please”
– Zack Boone (Singer)

“Dan blew me away with his work’s raw, personal and emotional themes and his ability to fit complex personal issues into rhythmical patterns and engaging beats. He also writes incredibly succinct tributes that encapsulate a lot of the nuances of his subject, bringing them to life again for the reader. I’m excited to read and hear more of Dan’s work.”
-Brian Kingston (Poet, The Circle Sessions)

‘“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” So said Rudyard Kipling. “If that’s the case then Dan is a dealer of excellence.”‘
– Roddie Cleere (Radio Host,KCLR96fm)

“Many of us have a good brain, and many of us have a good heart. Not so many have both, and it’s not always such a good thing for those that do (so I’m told). If the mind is good enough to understand the full complexities of life and society, the good heart doesn’t always want to hear it. So if there are few people with heart as good as head, there are fewer still that can make use of it. Dan is the man that can. His mind soaks up the influences and idiosyncrasies of people, and finds the wit, imagery and the wordplay to use; his heart takes in the emotions and empathises, and out comes the anger, or sympathy or passion. He’s a damn good writer, but more importantly, his is the writing of a damn good man.”
-Iain Laurie (Novelist, Former Sub Editor with The Times)

“Daniel Breslin’s poetry is sharp with clarity of both the individual and society as a whole. It has a thunderous rhythm that trips and tickles the ear. I’m very excited to read what he produces next.”
-Alice Kinsella (Writer, Poet)

“Daniel fearlessly expresses his vunerability in his poetry. He allows the reader to look at themselves in an honest way.”
-Dylan Kelly (Actor)

“My relationship with poetry may only be an inch deep but who doesn’t enjoy watching any artist find their voice…Dan’s work has such subtle, simple charm that I find myself falling in love with his thoughts.”
-Keith F Hughes (Musician, King Bones)

“I have worked with Dan in numerous workshops over the years and found him to be a intuitive and exciting performer and writer. Always from the heart and with passion his writing speaks to everyone. Themes of love, loss and hope permeate throughout his work as do ideas of social consciousness and change. It is in the performances of his pieces that they really come alive.”
-Natasha Duffy (Actress, Spirit Of Folk Festival)

“He’s a poet, a writer, a thinker, a do-er. He’s get your ass in a chair and stop procrastinating prolific. He gets stuff done, he creates, he sees the beauty and uses it as a tool for his craft. That’s art and it’s what artists do. It’s what Daniel Breslin does. Because Daniel Breslin is an artist.”
-Conor Slattery (Writer, Director)

“Not only inspirational as a writer but also a really sound fella!”
-Deirdre Molloy (Company Manager of THISISPOPBABY)

“His unforgettable Ration Compassion poem raised the roof! Check it out. Looking forward to hearing more from this man who exudes passion, integrity, energy and most of all heart.”
-Lisa Walsh (Writer, Playwright)

“Whether talking about personal relationships or society’s ills Dan’s poetry delivers emotional clout through admission of genuine personal truths. Effective and emotive, his performances connect with a wallop and generate an electricity all of their own. He’ll make you laugh, cry, or both at the same time but either way you’ll be left wanting more.”
-Eoin Rogers (Writer, Poet)

“A lyrical word smith and the working man’s poet. His biting sense of irony and humour make him unapologetically Irish.”
– Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler (Actress, Presenter at Barcelona City fm)

“Dan’s a young fella I met many years ago over a drunken breakfast after a ‘Vibe For Philo’ – (Philip Lynott) – in Dublin. We didn’t get up as we didn’t go to bed. He recited his poem (Ode To Phil) at the Vibe and afterwards in the hotel. It touched my heart. Many years my junior, Dan and I continue to apologise to each other over that morn’, there’s no need. Friends for life, friends through Philip.
My words don’t rhyme but sometimes neither do Dan’s, it doesn’t matter if it’s from the heart. I hope you enjoy his material as much as I do’.
-Phil Osborne (Dedication In Dumfries)

“His poem ‘Dublin, Lady’, I would actually get that as a tattoo.”
-Ross Hoolohan (Actor)

“I met Breso through our mutual love of Thin Lizzy and Philip Lynott…not knowing that within this ‘kid’ lurked a hugely talented poet whose words and poetic delivery would, in later years, bring tears to my eyes and leave an everlasting memory. The intelligence and sheer power embodied in his works; the rhythm embedded within; the way his poems capture, enrapture and convey emotion and feelings…I might be his friend, but I’m also a fan!”
-Dawn McCarrick (Vibe For Philo)

“I’ve known Danny over 16 years, I first understood his passion for word masonry by his incessant Tupac playing around that time, as he’d regularly talk about and dissect the lyrics. A couple of years after this he began to share his own works, and he had a genuinely tough time coming out of the artistic closet, with the kind of work he produces, the groups we circulated in, and the time in question. While he is never afraid to have a laugh at himself, don’t let him fool you, he’s a serious artist, and has never shied from making the tough decisions to progress himself or his art and has always strived to keep a smile on his face while doing so.”
-Declan Harkin (Brother In Arms)

“I think poetry is an artistic and creative expression of the writers inner most feelings and observations. Dan here not only expresses himself and his personal musings very eloquently but he also uses clever nuances of the English language and interesting plays on words which add to the experience in reading and enjoying his works. He has an abundance of talent when it comes to adding extra layers to his work and it’s always compelling to attempt to understand what his subject matter may be in some of his more obscure works. Thought provoking and rich, I believe the talent here for writing not only poetry but his extensive use of the English language is a thing of beauty.”
-Sarah Jane Sharpe (Actress, Lover of life and all things artistic)

“If you can’t accept Breso at his worst, then you don’t deserve him at his best.”
-Alan Barnett (Stand Up Comedian, and highly opinionated individual)

“Breso?…He’s like a white Tupac.”
-Paul Griffin (Champion)

“He’s an awful man…the worst kind.”
-Derek ‘The Guru’ Corcoran