A Dream

A Fool

A Hot Day In September

A Letter

A Pleasure

A Prayer

A Simple Look

Ain’t Nothin’ Like Your Crew

Ain’t Nothing Like A Woman

All Cried Out

All Of These Games

All The Things I Felt

All This Madness

Allowed A Smile



Always, Hope

Among The Pieces

Amusement Park

An Old Man Passed Me

Another Side

Are You Down For Me?

Ask The Questions



Battle’s At The Door

Be A Realist

Be Brave

Beautiful Misery

Be Good To Yourself

Be Real

Be Somebody Else

Be Your Own Person

Behind The Door

Being A Kid

Being The Fool

Beneath The Shell

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Bicep Playing Rain


Blessed With Curves

Blinded By The Pain

Bloom Anew

Boy, I Pity You



Breathe, Move

Bridges Between Us

Builders And Destroyers

Burn Like Butane

Call On Me

Can’t Fight, Can’t Hurry

Change The Fabric

Chasing Respect


Chillin’ On Brittas Bay



Come Back Fears

Coming Back To Me

Cracks Of Light

Creature To Behold

Dance The Dance Of Love

Dancing Out Of Darkness

Dance Your Life Through

Dance Your Soul Free

Dancing With The Devil


Desire To Be

Destination Unknown


Disregard Him

Distance Myself

Distant Mind

Do What’s Right For You

Don’t Do What I’m Supposed To

Don’t Be Afraid Of Who You Are

Don’t Fear The Act

Don’t Give Up Son

Don’t Know You, Do I?

Don’t Leave

Don’t Let Them Get You Down Son

Don’t Lose The Magic

Don’t Play Sad Songs

Don’t Rise

Don’t Offer It Too Quickly


Don’t You Ever Quit

Don’t Want To Write A Love Poem

Do You Believe?

Do You Miss Him?

Down On Our Luck

Dreams In The Dirt

Driving Through My Thoughts

Drops A Knee

Drugs In Society


Dublin, Lady

Educate Yourself

Einaudi (Two Sunsets)

End Of An Era


Embrace Your Madness

Every time I’m Blue

Everything You Wanted

Explore Your Feelings

Expose Yourself

Eye’s Of A Child


Family Tree


Feed Your Soul

Feel Free, Just Be, I Want

Feel Good Jams

Find Pleasure

Find Your Passion

First Kiss


Flaws In My Character


Follow Your Heart

For I

Foolish Steps

For What Of Those

Forget You Never

Free Of Noise

Friends Are For

Friends Of Freedom

Funk Master Soul

General Bush

Get Comfortable

Get What’s Yours

Girl Can I Say That?

Girl You Got Soul

Give It Your Heart

Give Me Peace

Give Me That Tune

Give My Life Purpose

Give That Love To You

Give Yourself To Something

Giving To Living

Giving Up

Go Easy On Yourself

Go On Girl

God Damn Woman

Going In For The Kill

Got To Get Away From Here

Happy Birthday Michelle

Hard To Trust

Harvest Your Own

Hate In Your Eyes

He Can’t Be Consoled

Hear The Latest

Heart Deserted

Hearts Too Big

Heavy As Old

Here Comes Me

Hey, You Miss Me?

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm

How Are You?

How Do You?

How He Does

I Am Looking At The Stars

I Am Nothing

I Am The Light

I Am Trying

I Cried

I Don’t Know

I Get Scared

I Have Been Touched

I Have Woken

I Love A Good Skin

I Question Myself

I Said Woman

I See It There

I See Now

I Shall Not Grieve

I Shed A Tear

I Travel

I Want The One

I Want To 

I’m A Be Me

I’m Just

I’m Waiting

I’ve A Picture In My Mind

I’ve Been Up Down

If I

In A Spell

In The Ashes

It’s Your Name

It’s Your Splendour


Juice Of Life

Just A Dip

Just Give Me Peace Any Day

Just Looking At A Night Sky

Just Sometimes

Just To

Keep A Light On It

Keep Doing

Keep Dreaming

Keep Moving

Keep Your Measure


Know It Or Not

Know Your Worth


Lake Sandoval

Let Go

Let’s Get Freaky

Let’s Get Out Of Here

Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Sun Shine Here

Let Them Things Go

Let Me In

Let Your Anger Fuel You

Liberty In The Liberties

Life Is Short

Life’s Dance

Life In The City

Life Is Fleeting

Light On My Mind

Light On Our Parts

Light Provide

Listen To Your Heart

Little Something

Live Your Life Well

Loneliness Is Killing Me

Lonely Fools

Long Lost Brother

Look Me In My Eye

Lost Years

Love And Hope

Love From A Woman

Love In The Distance

Love To Love

Love To See You Laughing

Love Unfavoured

Made A Deal With These Streets

Madness Lives

Make It

Make Me Laugh

Making Memories

Man About Town

May The World Dance With You

Meet And Greet


Midnight Rangers

Moments Of Clarity



Most Real

Moving On

Move On Quick

My Find

My Loss

My Love

Never Again

New Dawn, New Day

New Starts

Nice Guys Finish Last

Nobody Like You

Not Alone

Not Another Minute

Not Your Property

Nothing Is Comforting

Nothing Is Going To Last Forever


Now And Then I Falter



Ode To Phil

Oh Love

Old Days

On The Mend

One Man Ruse

One Step Back

One To Be

Other Guys

Our Broken Lives


Own Your Pain

Pain In Your Heart


Penny For Your Thoughts

Place Of Solace


Playing Straight On Dates

Please Don’t Start Tonight



Pure Insanity

Pure And Nobel

Put My Heart In It

Put That Smile

Ration Compassion

Reach Out

Realistic Man

Rich In Life

Rise, Tall

Rolled Notes

Rolling With The Punches


Sanity In Madness



Seedy Affairs

See The Person

Self Indulgence

Selfish Love

Self Made

Sell Out

She Got Me

She Got Them Headphones On

She Labeled Me

She Was My Lover

She Wants

She’s Young And In Control

Silent Eyes

Silent Man

Sing To Me Woman

Sit All Night

Sit Down Now Father

Sitting In

Slow To The Quick

Smile Of Choosing

Smiling Git

Smiling Under Pressure


Someone Once Asked Me

Something Better

Something I’ll Miss

Something I Could Say

Something Pure

Something To Value

Something Undeniable


Sonic Perfume

Song For Ireland

Speaking So Sure

Spitting On The Real

Stand Tall, Young Sister


Starman Special Edition

Stationary I Sit

Stepping From Dark


Strange Old Life


Stubborn Sort

Sum Of All The Parts


Sun Don’t Stay

Sun Set

Sweet Heart

Take A Breath

Take A Drive

Talk Dirty

Tear On My Cheek

Tears Fall Slow

Tender Years

Temptress In The Lady

That’s How It Is

The Aftermath

The Art Of Letting Go

The Artist

The Best

The Boxer

The Brune

The Cauldron

The Cost

The Day Is Yours

The Days

The Devil’s Back

The Fear

The Fight

The Game

The Get Go

The Gifts We Give

The Greatest Of All Mothers

The Healing Game

The Life In You

The Mind Of A Girl

The One We Ran Away

The Party It Has Ended

The Purge

The Real In You

The Tide

The Walk

The War

The War On Drugs

There Are Times

These Old Streets

They Beat Us Down

Thing Called Love

This Is Now

This One’s For You

This One Scares Me

Those Old Days

Those Who Diss It


Time Changes

Time To Time

Tipsy Again


To Love

Today I Let Go

Today I Sit In Pain

Today I Woke UP  


Tonight I Just Kicked Back

Tonight I’m Going Out

Tonight The Wine Was Flowing

Tonight We Dance


Touched My Heart

Toughen Up, Make Luck


Trust Your Dreams

Trying To Change

Tying My Shoelace


Unknown Streams

Victors Pot



Wanna Write, Might Ignite

Want To Scream

Want To Thank You


We Had A Day

We Travel

We Fall Down Broken

We’re Done We’re Through

We Rebuild You Know

What Are The Words?

What Do I Know?

What Do They Know?

What Use Is It?

What? Why? Love? 

What’s The Story Glory?

What You Love


When Darkness Comes Upon Us

When I Enter The Club

When In Doubt

When It Comes To Love

When The Woman

When Words Can’t Say Enough

Whoever It Be

Who Wants To Live Forever

Why Don’t You Dance For Me

Why Is It You?

Wild One

Wise Words

Wish I Gave You More

Wish I Was A Better Man


Woman What a Creature

Woman You’re Special

Wonder At The Stars

Words Can Be So Lonely

Words Of Beauty

Work In Progress

Working Man

World Is What You Make It

Would I Could

Yeah I’m Down


You Can Call Him Al

You Don’t Believe In Magic?

You Ever Get Them Nights

You Ever Have Your World Shake

You Know It

You Talk, I Talk

You To Me Are Therapy

Young Minds

Young Woman

Your Love