A Dream

‘A dream there is,
Wherein we are fain to scream’
I fear no tide
Nor rushing stream
I’m a man of pride
A man of esteem
There is nothing I’ve eyed
That could be more mean.

I’ve fought battles
I’ve sailed seas
Been chained and shackled
But broke free
Every problem I’ve tackled
You can quote me
I’ve had many hassles
But nothing’s broke me.

I’ve had aching hearts
And failed romance
Tried pull me apart
Still I dance.
Throw what you will
Aim for the head
I’ll throw it right back
Haven’t you heard what I’ve said?

I’m a fighter me
A leader of men
Try beat me down
I’ll be back again
They tried murder me
Way back when
Now them men won’t see
Daylight again.

I’ll stand tall
With whoever’s behind
But remember now
Keep this in mind
If you cross me
And I cross your dreams
Remember to run
Tis’ no good to scream.


© Daniel Breslin