A Prayer

Last night I said a prayer
Not my first, not my last
In this one I did dare
Request a return to the past
In life I’m just one more player
And I’ve been playing too fast
All I heard is life’s not fair
But that’s just too much to ask
You must see that past is past
And that’s just too much to ask.

I was praying for a miracle
To return to time before
I wasn’t saying anything cynical
It was refined and pure
I aimed it to the heavens
With a stubborn hopeful shot
And it pained when it kept heading
Once airborne it didn’t stop.

It seems my prayer transcended
All that was in its way
An arm of help was not extended
We can’t rewind, we can only play
Then falling from the clouds
Came a sudden burst of rain
‘I can’t come calling, I’m not allowed
Just want you to know, I felt your pain’.

© Daniel Breslin

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