Bloom Anew

When you are down at your lowest
And you expose yourself to hope
There comes the hardest blows I know of
For any soul to cope.

For sometimes we’ve exposed ourselves so much
We can’t expose ourself no more
Sometimes we’ve taken so many cuts
One more cut might be too sore.

So we draw up our lines
And we steel our defenses
We strengthen our minds
And numb some of our senses.

We heal them cuts up
And we regain our strength
We buck the fuck up
And cement our intent.

For we can’t rely on others
To come running to our rescue
We’re responsible for ourselves
So emerge from hell, reclaim the best in you.

Do what you need to get by
Do what you need for you
Let others look after their needs
You look after your own too.

You’ve a duty to yourself
They’ve a duty to themselves too
But let in the ones who offer help
For we all need help to get us through.

When you are down and out
Ain’t many want to get down with you
So drown the down out
And rise again anew.

You focus on yourself
And what is right for you
And let all the pain you felt
Help you bloom anew.

It’s all on you
And what you do
You fade away?
Or bloom anew?

Bloom anew.

© Daniel Breslin