Coming Back To Me

I’m coming back to me
That’s got me happy man
I was living my life
For my family man.

I don’t regret a thing
I do it all again
But my heart’s started to swing
Towards freedom again.

I’m coming at the world
Got that passion in my veins
And the only thing I love
Is being free of chains.

Gave love its chance
Love ran away
So now all I love
Is chasing dreams everyday.

My head ain’t in the clouds
It’s been buried in them books
Working with them ploughs
For that little bit of luck.

And that luck going to come
One way or another
I’ll be dancing in the rain
Laughing loud through the thunder.

Got that passion in my veins
That crazy lust for life
I feel no shame
And I’m feeling alright.

You want to come and join me
I’ll be dancing late tonight
Got that freedom in my soul
And so many goals in sight.

Let me hit the town
Let us celebrate
For the first time in a very long time
I’m feeling free of weight.

© Daniel Breslin