Don’t Fear The Act

Don’t let them get you down
Don’t let them beat you up
Don’t let them push you around
Or let their insults eat your gut.

Don’t let them in your head
Or anywhere near your heart
Don’t pay heed to one word said
Allowing bite to their bark.

Don’t let others break you
A sure sign that they’re weak
Strong people try and make you
Even when hurting underneath.

Weak try manipulate you
With most every word they speak
Only so far their act can take you
Before it forces them to cut you deep.

The strong can suffer pain
The weak mostly inflict
When in pain try make you the same
Don’t get caught in that bullshit.

The strong are not for show
May even allow themselves look weak
Whatever they think will help you grow
The strengths they know you have beneath.

The weak are full of bark
Full of anger, curse, and pain
They thrive on being low
Want you to worship it the same.

The strong have suffered too
But they do not point and blame
The decision lies with you
What role do you wish to claim?

Strength is not in numbers
You build it on your own
But it is an effort filled with wonders
Bringing the right numbers in your zone.

If you take the first step
No telling where you’ll take your last
But if you never swim outside your depth
The future is sure to echo the past.

Do not fear the act
Or telling from where you’ve come
You can not change the fact
But in an act, leave another act done.

And in a little time
If your battle has been won
You may find a weak and troubled mind
As they do, a strong and helpful one.

© Daniel Breslin