Don’t Offer It Too Quickly

Don’t offer it too quickly
It might just get broken
Time changes quickly
May be too early to open
Your heart
Don’t give it away at the start
Keep the best till after
Give it too quickly
And he’ll feel like your master
Don’t let him rule you
Don’t let him fool you
I’m trying to school you
In how the world can be cruel to
The foolish things hearts do
Doesn’t love one, loves two
One of them is you
The other’s himself
You’ve got a heart to easy to melt
And he’s a charmer
His words disarmer
As smooth as suede
They persuade and pave
A way past your defences
Moves so fast your acting senseless
He’s got a thirst for women that never quenches
Your mind transcends you’re wondering how much he benches
His words sneak in get the heart strings then he wrenches
You’ve dropped your guard now you’re defenseless
Compared to him you’re an apprentice
So he ventures in relentless.

The words he speaks entrances
His toned physique enhances his chances
Your knees go weak as he romances
He’s got your heart and it dances
For the minute it feels like it has wings
But he’s the one who’s got your heart strings
When they’re ripped apart it stings
But for now joy is what he brings
He’s coy he gives you flowers
You say you love him it gives him power
He may say he loves you too
But them words are nothing new
He has said them before
And he’ll say them some more
Words to make your heart soar
If it helps him to score
Match his gaze
It’s end of days
You’re in a daze
This is when he preys
The words he says
Form a maze
Aiming to trap your heart
Don’t give it away at the start.

His first advances don’t fully accept it
Cause the heart once he gets it
He neglects it
Because he’s lost all respect for it
Why? Cause it was so easily won
It’s easily done
Make him work for it
That’s the fun
The challenge is in the chasing
The longer he waits the greater the elation
He’s been longing for that sensation
The greater the wait the greater the appreciation
Lengthen the race
Ease the pace
He enjoys the chase.
Although don’t toy with him
And make the chase a marathon
If he feels you’re mounting a ploy on him
He loses face and might abandon it
Just make him feel the love in your heart burning
Is a love he’s to start earning
For a love that’s deep
Is a love to keep
So when eyes meet
Don’t let your heart go weak
For with those eyes
Come charming lies
That have broke many a heart
Don’t give it away at the start.

If you’re looking for love be careful
If you’re looking for love be wareful
For there are those that prey
On the hearts that play
In the game of love
Love be careful.

© Daniel Breslin