You Ever Have Your World Shake

You ever have your world shake
With a thundering cracking blow
And saw a life in which you wanted to partake
Become a life you must in many ways let go.

You ever get some bad news
That kicks you down and hits your chest
That makes you reassess and tests your values
Offers a fight against getting depressed.

You ever have your world shake
And it’s so easy to get low
There’s a truth you can’t escape
And there’s no hiding place to go.

You ever have a pain surge through
Your body till your heart feels a staggering blow
You can’t help but think it don’t deserve to
But deserve has little to do with the world we know.

Things just falling into place
Start falling out of synch
And you must change and reshape
The things you need and how you think.

For happiness is rarely delivered
Though we can find it in someone else
More often than not
We’ve to find it in ourselves.

We’ve to take things as they are
Face the reality of the day
Digest, and go face reality
In an optimistic way.

Happiness is not for sale
Happiness stems from inside
And you must find it in yourself
When somewhere else it’s died.

You ever have your world shake
You got to shake the world too
We got to make our own breaks
Especially, when the world breaks you.

© Daniel Breslin