Explore Your Feelings

If you got feelings for some girl
And she don’t want to know
Run into them feelings
So you can let them go.

Don’t run from your feelings
That’s what cowards do
If you don’t explore them you can’t leave them
These words I say are true.

You got your feelings for a reason
So explore them, push through fear
They could be just misguided nothing feelings
Or have deeper meanings than they appear.

And if you don’t explore and express your feelings
How can anyone feel you?
You be running into walls and ceilings
Your whole life through.

Now me for instance,
I had feelings for some girl
But I don’t keep them hidden,
I show them to the world.

Now I’m not advising that
But explore them in yourself
And if you can manage that
You already offer so much to someone else.

Now I damn well lost the girl
But I gained so much in me too
So while the clouds might still look a little grey
The sky be shining blue.

I had so much on my mind
Was giving so many others my support
I think I needed some of mine
Deep down hoped she would be the source.

Now that’s a lot to ask
As I was carrying so much weight
But once I acknowledged that
I could see my own mistakes.

I’d to start cutting them weights free
As they’d become too much to bear
And it was weak of me
To expect that girl to share.

I’d to dive once more through pain
To discover this stuff out
But if I didn’t I’d still be the same
And all that stuff might still be about.

Now I damn well lost the girl
But I gained so much in me too
And I am now in the right place and state of mind
To find those things and happiness with someone new.

So go explore your feelings
Or them feelings will be owning you
And them feelings may turn to demons
If you don’t run them feelings through.

Demons breathe more demons
I’ve fought many in my time
If you don’t fight them quick
They fester in your mind.

And you’ll start to carry them demons
In almost everything you do
Till you’re dealing with so many demons
No one but demons be feeling you.

So don’t run from your feelings
That’s what cowards do
Run into your feelings
Till you’re feeling something new.

© Daniel Breslin