Feel Free, Just Be, I Want

I want to lie back

Just close my eyes

And like a bird or a bat

Let my mind fly the skies.

I want to quit town

Let my pressures unfurl

I want to lie down

And just forget the world.

I want to be me

Completely uncontained

I want to be free

Feel calm in my brain.

I want to relax

Know inner peace

This world so much can tax

Make a peaceful soul a beast.

I want to know love

Of a higher kind

Want to cool my blood

Leave some my madness behind. 

I want to know another

As I learn to grow myself

I want to know a lover

Who loves to grow their self.

I want to know life

I want to know sleep

I want to know life

I want to know peace.

I want to look at the stars

Forget the restraints we’ve made of time

Want to know what it is to live

Beyond the restraints, I’ve made my mind. 

© Daniel Breslin