For I

For I, have made mistakes
Forsaken those I love
At times for my own breaks
Sometimes only for their own good.

For I, have been a fool
For an extended length of time
I seldom follow rules
And the only rules I know are mine.

For I, have been a burden
A burden on those I love
Of such love I am undeserving
Yet for me, there has always been a flood.

For I, have often been so selfish
With my one and only life
For inside me there is something devilish
That needs to feed on life’s delights.

And feed indeed it has
Indeed, I’ve often over indulged
Just one of my many faux pas
Committed in the name of love.

For I, have a love of life
Few more so than my own
I want to devour all in sight
Stripping the last morsel from life’s bone.

It has been essential in my growth of self
While at times detrimental to those I love
As I flagrantly disregard all else
In search of that ultimate buzz.

I strive and strive for highs
As I hide and hide from lows
For lows are so hideous on the eyes
And we’ve all, had enough of those.

© Daniel Breslin