General Bush

One of the saddest days I can ever remember
Was that horrific day back in September
So many lives took
As the world shook
Unable to comprehend
The hearts of evil men
Around the world the explosions were heard
Nothing we could do, but sit in silence and observe
So consumed by shock
Pray for memory block
Now enter Americas number one resident
A war hungry President
And this is so evident
As he’s so unhesitant
In going to war
Bush want more
Time to sacrifice the poor
Send the troops over-shore
Driven by greed
This is how Bush lead
Another dead seed, just another unfortunate deed
But America needs
Soldiers to give themselves
Put their faith in someone else
Like a war hungry monster
With death as his sponsor
So if you’re a parent with a child
Biggest fear is that your number will be dialed
‘Hello this is America, we need your son
Iraq got oil and George want some
So give us your son
We’ll give him a gun
And we’ll give you a phone-call when his work is done.’

Pointless deaths on this pointless quest
Think of the parents that wept
Believing their children were dying to protect
Their country from the nuclear weapons Iraq kept
Now filled with regret
That they ever could of let
Themselves be conned and misled
It ain’t a joke has it dawned their children are dead
So you can butter your bread
You should shudder instead
Where are the nuclear weapons we were told they had?
Eh we couldn’t find them, well that’s too bad
Shit that makes me mad
How many parents have tears in their eyes
Screaming toward the skies
Cause they believed your lies
Can you relieve their sighs?
Repay the cost of their children lost?
No that’s impossible because lines were crossed
And lives were lost
And it’s obvious
To all of us
That General Bush
Gets a rush
From making a whole nation crush
Crack and crumble turn to dust
If there was a flashing red button, saying don’t touch
I’d take the gamble that George would push
Then keep it all hush hush
Shit cover it up
More dead civilians this is embarrassing stuff
Picture his face blush
But while his cheeks may flush
They’ll be back to normal soon
And he’ll be back to his best in a formal room
Singing the same tune
Giving the same lines
He’s spent his whole life covering up his crimes
Shady dealings his way of life
Don’t tell me we forgot, you remember Florida right?
The original outcome
Al Gore won
But Al got done
In a web George spun
And George became Americas number one.

Now America’s screaming
Looking for a meaning
Government won’t listen to reason
Challenge Bush now and you could be up for treason
It’s demeaning and scary
So remember if you’ve got views you must be wary
They got your phone tapped
Violated your rights with the Patriot Act
Now people feel violated
Sick cause they feel dictated
Soldiers feel unappreciated
Hostages been decapitated
After been humiliated
And you want to be congratulated?
It’s a plan we have to foil
As blood begins to boil
Bush drains the oil
While innocent blood stains the soil
Now lying in pieces
Peoples nephews and nieces
So I wrote me a thesis
And addressed it to Jesus
Said Jesus, come down here you’re needed
For all those who’ve breath their last breath
And those who haven’t yet breathed
They were given their chance but it seems they never heeded
The battle was lost when Kerry regretfully conceded
So what do we do as a people
To conquer this evil
There’s going to have to be an upheaval
Because this is unbelievable
In the time of the unreasonable
So much grief unbelievable
Damage to great to be concealable
So much hate in the un-healable
Once a soul escapes it’s unretrievable
And so much death awaits in the foreseeable
It’s all just madness
This worlds seen too much sadness
How the hell are we going to end it?
The soldiers that fell must of been offended
When they saw that your cause
Was a cause full of flaws
The message ain’t subliminal
General Bush, I’m calling you a criminal.

© Daniel Breslin