Girl, Can I Say That?

Girl you look beautiful today
Is that okay that?
You take all my cares away
Can I say that?
Girl you make my day
I want to relay that
But you might just run away
So I don’t say that.

I just like to keep it real
I ain’t needy
But if I tell you how I feel
You might leave me
Sometimes it’s like you cut me
Just to bleed me
Only so much I can put up with
Girl, believe me.

Am I not supposed to tell you
How I feel girl?
Play these silent games
That ain’t real girl
Why don’t you tell me how you feel
And let’s make a deal girl
Two of us can keep it real
In the real world.

This world will beat you down
You know it’s like that
Spent so much time on the ground
I almost like that
I take a rest when I’m down
I’d have a nightcap
But when I get kicked around
I get up and fight back.

Why don’t you come along
And fight beside me
I never do you wrong
You can confide in me
Two could be quite strong
If we do the right thing
I miss you when you’re gone
I find that frightening.

Girl, I ain’t never been no good
At no love talk
I start talking love
You know you run off
But to my mind
Girl, you’re a one off
But to your mind
Maybe I’m too soft.

Should I be like these other guys
Just conceal shit?
Keeping that manly disguise
Like they don’t feel shit
I just like to get down
With that real shit
But kick me when I’m down
You know I feel it.

I’d like to fight with
Not against you
But you make it hard as shit
Do I offend you?
Should I just bite my lip
And just pretend to
Not give a shit
Like other men do?

© Daniel Breslin