Got To Get Away From Here

I’ve got to get away from here
Turn my back on this place right here
I’ll be back when things seem more clear
Too much holding me back now here.

I’ve got to run I’ve got to get away
There’s stuff to be done, won’t get done if I stay
This place has a funny old hold on me
It’s like it keeps on telling me I can’t be what I want to be.

I’ve gotta go it’s time for change
I keep playing and losing the same old games
There’s nothing to learn here if I remain
Ain’t like I’ve time to burn but I burn it just the same.

So let me be I’m bursting out that door
I’m suffocating here I can’t take it no more
Let me breathe I’m leaving for sure
This ain’t what I need, it only feeds on me more.

So move aside I’m breaking free
I think it’s time I put a little faith in me
Been losing my mind a victim of my own complacency
Now I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me.

I’m taking a chance on this man I know
Forget my past I’m giving now a go
It might not last, tell me something I don’t know
I’m going to have a god damn blast, enjoy the god damn show.

So what you see when you look at me?
You see what I am, I see what I can be
So it don’t matter how you keep painting me
Them strokes are wasted, there’s a lot that folks don’t see.

So step back step away from me
I won’t tell you twice no time for niceties
I got places to go and things to see
Let me go you ain’t getting one more thing from me.

I’m bursting out I’m breaking loose
You can run your mouth it will be no use
I never got a God damn thing from you
I never asked, but now I’m telling you.

© Daniel Breslin