How Are You?

How are you tonight?
Are you lonely? Are you alright?
Life can grind you down
It ain’t easy love I know
As you deal with the world’s madness
And all it asks, is you never let your sadness show
You aren’t supposed to breakdown
Supposed to hide it when you cry
And when you’re at your lowest
You are supposed to live a lie
So how are you dear child?
For children is all we are
And every child is allowed to cry
As every wound takes time to heal or scar
So how are you feeling?
Do not fear to let those feelings out
For however you go about the healing
This is what life’s all about
There is no shame in pain
There is no shame in tears
Happiness is what we want to attain
Though it’s hard to sustain through the years
We all have our highs and lows
And not all of us deal with them the same
But try to be as accepting of the highs
As you are receptive to the pain.

For in our mind is greatness
And in our heart is fight
And the only way to attain it
Is to walk through the dark
And run when there’s light.

© Daniel Breslin