How Do You?

How do you move on from love?
Can you answer me this?
Do you do it with a hug?
Do you do it in a kiss?

How do you find happiness in another?
When you’re sure you’ve found the one?
Only circumstances keep telling you
That your days are done.

I got my answer clearly
Them words came clear as day
But as my heart was hurting so severely
Did love have something else to say?

Did she really want to hurt me?
Or did I leave no other way?
Cause my instincts are trying to tell me
There was something else at play.

Does my experience of love
Make me struggle to let it in?
Do I feel I don’t deserve it?
And in it I can never win?

I believe in her
It’s in me I’ve been struggling to
And if I believe in her
I don’t think she’d hurt me unless she had to.

Now I don’t know anything
But I’m thinking of what wasn’t said
I think about her all the time
She’s in my heart and head.

How do you move on from love?
Can you answer me this?
Do you do it in the pub
With your mates getting pissed?

From someone whose smile lights your world
Whose voice soothes your soul
And you know no one else in the world’s presence
Has ever made you feel as whole.

I say ‘trust your dreams’
And she’s the biggest one of mine
So I’m a put aside my heavy heavy fears
Open my heart, and try to believe one more time.

I believe in her
And I believe in love
And I’m starting to believe in myself again
So in these three things I’m putting trust.

My heart, can not move on
Until it knows for certain sure
And if that’s the pain of wait
Then that’s a pain it must endure.

I’ve been all over the place
Unsure of how to act
Because my mind’s been fighting
What my heart knows as a fact.

I’m in love with her
I’ve just been struggling to love myself
And maybe letting love in is my biggest challenge
And she’s found love, and less of the challenge somewhere else.

If that’s the case, it’s one I respect
But I’m a wait and give it time
Put trust in what I don’t expect
And wait for that final sign.

So I’ll be waiting for that blow
Trying to put strength in a heart that’s been quite weak
For when it saw her last
It had barely strength to speak.

If it it could of spoke
It would of pleaded ‘please, just please, be kind’
But that was not what it experienced, but it is what she is
So I must read between those lines.

For MY HEART can not move on
Until it knows, for certain sure
And if it’s more pain it has to face
Then that’s what it’s preparing to endure.

Reality and circumstance
Keep telling me to give up
But that goes against EVERYTHING
In my heart and gut.

How do you give up on love?
When there’s even the smallest chance?
I only get one life
And that’s not the dance I want to dance.

I’ll keep my heart in check
Give a little space and time
For I could never forgive myself
If the next mistake was mine.

I’ll be waiting terrified
Knowing the odds are not in my favour
But that’s been the story of my life
So throw them dice up in the air.

It don’t mean I won’t live my life
It just means I’ll keep one eye open there
For to me, that girl is paradise
So i’ll keep a little hope somewhere.

I am incredibly scared
And scared as hell has been this man
It’s far from love I was rared
But love is what I am.

I know that I can give it
But how much can I receive it?
And when it presents itself
Do I misperceive it?

I’m kind of always expecting pain
Dealing with pain is what I know
But maybe love could reign
If some fear I could let go?

This life is but a dance
And I WILL dance it through
But I must give my heart a final chance
To find its dancing partner too.

How do you move on from love?
Can you answer me this?
For I can not move on from love
Until it tells me, it doesn’t exist.

© Daniel Breslin