I Am Trying

I am gazing on the bay
Can you see me?
I am searching for words to say
They all seem unseemly
If I raised my voice an octave
Could you even hear me?
No one could be further away
Yet at times, you feel so near me.

I am searching for a path
I see no trail
It’s like somethings unsettled the track
To shake my tail
It’s like water off a ducks back
Can’t take the wind from my sail
I am never afraid to take a step back
And reassess the detail.

I am trying to guide others
As I guide myself
Free my mind from what can cover it
From itself
I recognize at times
I am unrecognizable to even myself
So how can I guide
That would be unadvisable to someone else.

I am trying to reach
What just isn’t here
So I let my mind think deep
Help me see things clear
The more clarity I seek
The more I pull you near
There are no words we speak
Though your message, is ever clear.

© Daniel Breslin