Always feel like crying
When I see you feeling down
Heart feels damn near dying
For I know the ways this world can pound.

Can put you in a corner
Strip and strip and strip
Make you feel like a juggling performer
Till what you were former barely exists.

Judge ourselves by our peers
Not something most can help
That unleashes many fears
When we stop to examine self.

Constantly search for direction
Question if what we do is right
Can get tired of learning lessons
Tire of the daily fight.

No one is that secure
We are learning all the time
Nothing is ever sure
Everyone’s living half blind.

But I can see the pressures
And I can see the fears
When I see them getting the better
It can bring me close to tears.

Life is not about winners and losers
Don’t let those pressures fester too deep inside
Life is for the choosers
Who first choose to enjoy the ride.

No matter how seemingly hopeless the trail
Try to keep focus on just the next step
If you can learn not to fear the word fail
You can soon learn to love every breath.

Learn to accept what is
Don’t be afraid or shy from help
We can change the life we live
If we first make that change in ourself.

Keep on struggling on
Till your struggling’s through
Adapt and keep on going
That’s what jugglers do.

Always feel like crying
When I see you feeling down
But I always greet you smiling
Hoping smiling you’ll be found.

© Daniel Breslin