Just Looking At A Night Sky

I’m just looking at a night sky
Though darkness has not yet hit
Watching birds fly high
Wondering is there a better sight than this?

There is such peace in their movements
Such freedom in their wings
And when they stop moving just to glide
That’s a sight to me that sings.

I’m just looking at the sky man
And I can see for miles
Should be black but it’s blue man
The clouds decorate it with different styles.

I start thinking a little beyond it
How we’re just spinning out in space
And I feel a million miles away
From what some call the rat race.

I’m just spinning out in space man
Drinking the moment in
We all have our days man
But sometimes we forget the wonder we’re in.

I’m just looking on a night sky
Should be dark but that sky is blue
And I’m just watching a bird glide by
Thinking,’what a bloody view’.

© Daniel Breslin