Keep Dreaming

Never cease to dream
Never cease to hope
This is coming from a man
Who often had his heart broke.

I’ve had it broke by family
Broke by lovers and friends
Yet I always come back smiling
With an open heart again.

Life will cut you up
I’m afraid you can’t cut back
If you shut and close up
You create your own trap.

Give yourself to others
Especially if they create time for you
And throw off them covers
And see what life can do.

Never cease to dream
Never cease to hope
Even after times
Hope make you look a dope.

Keep the flame lit
Keep your hopes high
No matter how hard you get hit
Never let your hope die.

Keep dreaming
Keep trying
Keep believing
Keep smiling.

Never cease to hope
Never cease to dream
For the greatest days we have to live
Are the ones that haven’t been.

© Daniel Breslin