Let Them Things Go

You keep putting your hopes in others
And they keep laying you low?
Trust me now brother
You got to let them things go.

Keep doing right by them?
Hoping they’ll do right by you?
But they let themselves down again
What’s a man to do?

Hear me now woman
You out giving this world your heart
Returning home each evening
That man only giving you bark?

The Sun outside is shining
The sky is looking blue
Inside there’s only whining
What’s a woman to do?

Keep putting our hopes in others
And they keep laying us low?
Well, there comes a point in time
Got to let them things go.

Things will weigh you down
In body and in mind
Can’t keep carrying those things
Got to leave some things behind.

Coming home feeling good?
A spring in your feet?
And the very thing you love?
Sweeps them from underneath?

Can only give so much soul
Only give so much time
The only things we really control
Our ourselves and our state of mind.

Got to look after ourselves
First and foremost
And if them things aren’t there to help
Well, them things they have to go.

I could never be called fickle
But you need things that help you fly
I mean we can sacrifice a little
But this life will pass you by.

Days turn to weeks
Weeks turn to months
Months turn to years
And them years go by in chunks.

Want to keep ourselves healthy?
Maintain a flow to grow?
Then the only thing that’s healthy
Is to let them things go.

You got to look after yourself
So if other things keep laying you low?
Trust me now people
You got to let them things go.

And when you finally do
Why not do something else too?
Try out something new
And put them hopes on you.

Let them things go.

© Daniel Breslin