Let’s Get Freaky

Let’s get freaky
Let’s get wild
Let’s get cheeky 
Get ourselves riled.

Let’s get down
Let’s get dirty
Bite me, tease me
Squeeze me, hurt me.

Tie me, tease me
Please me, work me
Go hard or easy
Command or serve me.

Let’s move freely
Let’s be wordy
You like that don’t you
What? You heard me.

You want that faster
You want it more slowly
You want to be mastered 
You want to be controlling.

You want to feel alive
You want to play games
You want to be surprised
You want to shout names.

You want to be pleasured
You want to give orders
You want to set measures
You want to cross borders.

You want to speak filthy
Say something nasty
Lay it out girl
Wouldn’t put nothing past me.

You want to be an animal
You want to be a lady
Know that you’re both
And we can both go crazy.

There’s an animal in me
Caged away daily
Let our animals run free
Evolution baby.

Just go with the flow
Limits drive me crazy
A gentleman don’t you know
Do anything for a lady.

© Daniel Breslin