Light On Our Parts

Do we drink in these moments?
Do we drink in these nights?
Do we drink in these moments
That piece our parts of life?

How much of it goes by
Not really savoured?
How much is treasured by eye?
And how much of life is laboured?

Do we drink in these days?
Do we drink in the Sun?
And how much will we regret
When our brief days are done?

Do we share with each other?
Shine light on our parts?
Or how much do we keep to self?
How much do we really open our hearts?

This experience is shared
Our experience is brief
Can be a hard life at times to bare
But time is a harder thing to keep.

It’s all we’re ever going to know
It’s all we’re ever going to be
And I just hope when I let go
I leave behind enough parts of me.

We’re here to open up
We’re here to meet others within
Opening up can be quite tough
But closed doors, don’t let much light in.

Got to allow in the light
Shine it on our parts
Tell the stories of our lives
I do that best through art.

© Daniel Breslin