Live Your Life Well

You live and you die
My friend
You live and you die
My friend.

So fuck what they view
Live your life for you
For just like you’ll do
They will die too.

For everything dies in the end.

Those without nerve
Often mock to be heard
So fuck negative words
From the mindless herd.

Live your life through
As best you can do
Trying to stay true to you
For all that we do.

Is all that we are in the end.

So let people talk
If talking’s their thing
Walk your own walk
If you can add a spring.

Let words hold little weight.
In decisions you make
Allow death be your mate
Until it comes to take.

For it takes everything in the end.

Knowing what death does
Should make life a buzz
So do what you love
Live life as you should.

Let them give you hell
Till death rings its bell
Knowing you lived your life well
While they made theirs a cell.

That will all become clear in the end.

Live life with balls
Listen to your own voice
For death comes to all
Only living’s a choice.

For everything dies
But not everything lives
And a living hell
Is the only hell that there is.

And even that dies in the end.

So live your life well
For only one have you got
And until death rings its bell
Why the hell not?

Fools are so many
And the penny drops for so few
So if you must listen to any
Why not listen to you?

You’ll be better to go in the end.

Live your life well
Dance brave through the fire
Laughing like hell
In the life you desire.

© Daniel Breslin