Love Unfavoured

To love so immensely
That which you should not love
When to love silently so intensely
Does neither love good.

When happiness can only be seen
Through its demise in someone else
When for two hearts to unite in one dream
They must first only think of themselves.

When for all you believe to make sense
You must act completely senseless
Follow your heart at another’s expense
Then stand guilty completely defenseless.

When for all to come through you believe to be righteous
You must do, what won’t be believed to be right
Be judged by what you do, you can not fight this
But for you to do, you must start the fight.

If you are to be sincerely truthful
To all but one, you become a traitor
Only four eyes see something beautiful
You hope the wise may see it later.

You become an enemy to all but love
Yet all but love your enemy
You wish your enemy nothing but good
But in that they can see nothing friendly.

Have to change your whole world
Knowing the world won’t change for you
Prepare yourself for all that will be hurled
Knowing most will break right through.

Be fully aware of what you’re choosing
Fully prepared to take the blame
Feel no pride in what you’re doing
Yet refuse to side with shame.

Embrace forbidden love
And brace yourself to be forbidden
Face what you thought you never could
Then they will demand your face stay hidden.

Become a hero to your heart
Whilst a villain to your name
Hope loves offered accepted part
Brings more rewards, than it will pain.

© Daniel Breslin