May The World Dance With You

We never gave ourselves a chance
Suppose that makes me a fool
Forever to be a paper romance
While I forever look uncool.

You got the world at your feet
Make it dance to your tune
You deserve that in the least
So it ain’t doom and gloom.

You got that bit of magic
You got that bit of spark
You got that bit of fire
You got that bit of heart.

You got that self respect
You got that bit of steel
You got that bit of neck
And most of all you’re real.

So with the world dance
And don’t forget to let your heart dance too
And may your life be a sweet romance
And may it bring out the best in you.

You got so many gifts
I hope you know that, I really do
And nothing would make me happier
Than seeing the world recognise it too.

You don’t find your love in me
I hope you find it in someone new
And may you dance with the world
And may the world always dance with you.

© Daniel Breslin