Monsters, the history of man
We are monsters, we divide and conquer land
We are monsters, greed rots our very palm
We are monsters, you better heed our hand.

The iron fist, you should bow to this
While they exist, men want to be rich
Those who resist, may die in a ditch
For man will persist, in his desire to be rich.

Power, something many a man crave
Some want it to empower others
Others, want it to make them slaves.

We are monsters, we destroy our fellow man
For only monsters, devalue life for gain of land
Why do monsters? Often live a life so grand?
Rewarded monsters, hard to justify or stand.

As long as there is life
There’ll be those who choose wrong over right.
As long as there is light
There will be those who use the dark of night.

For we are monsters
We were born to cause you fright
For we are monsters
Someone has to suffer, for us to delight.

© Daniel Breslin