Move On Quick

Move along quick
Move along fast
Girl don’t like you
Leave her in the past.

Let others in
You been holding out
Once you let them in
Might prove a better shout.

Open up your heart
Close it to the past
For only meetings in the middle
Are the meetings meant to last.

Put a smile on your face
With someone who truly cares
Enjoy life’s sweet embrace
Release yourself from theirs.

Feelings drive you crazy
When they are not returned
But once you know that for certain
Feelings are quickly burned.

World is an oyster
The world is opportunity
And once a door is closed
Open doors are all you should view and see.

Be prepared to look a fool
To be sure of another
Life’s a crazy ride
So be crazy my sisters and brothers.

Some might not see what they’re missing
Some might not even miss at all
But if you see all you’re missing is a fiction
You see all you’re really missing is a ball.

Go out and have your fun
Once sure what’s done is done
And never fear to look a fool
To make sure your heart’s not one.

My heart’s always guided me
And that’s how it’ll always be
But when certain that it’s free
Excitement is all I feel and see.

Now time to advance and dance
To a completely different tune
No regrets if there’s no missed chance
Heart must be sure of that, before for others it makes room.

© Daniel Breslin