Reach Out

Please don’t take your life tonight
Hang on a little longer, it’ll work out right
Please don’t take your life tonight
We’re on our knees, please stay and fight.

Troubled souls committing suicide over hidden fears
Too embarrassed to share those problems with their peers
So they’re crying lonely solemn tears
They bellow but no one hears.

No one hears as the sound is silence
All their fears, stay bound inside them
Till it appears in resounding violence
Then our ears are deafened by their souls silence.

If we had of known, we might of done
You are not alone, my child, my son
We all feel on our own, sometimes, don’t run
We are your home, you our are light, our reason.

So please don’t dare give up on us
And we won’t dare give up on you
If the world is dark and you can’t see
Please make the effort to talk, we’ll try get you through.

There’s not a thing you cannot say
We’ve a clear mind, an open view
If you are blind, and cannot see
We’ll try be the eyes, that you see through.

A problem shared, is a problem halved
Lend us your cares, we’ll lend ears back
Please try and share, if you’re feeling so bad
We want to be there, please give us that chance.

Open up
No matter how hard
If death’s on your mind
Let us try and discard.

If you take the other option
You’ll have no more options to choose
So please first take that chance
What have you got to lose?

Reach out, reach out
Please, reach out.

© Daniel Breslin