Something Pure

We’re all looking for something pure
Looking for something good
That’s the allure
The allure of love
Looking for someone to relate to
Some rely on fate to
Grace them with that someone
Who’ll embrace them with some loving
But we’ll keep searching
For that woman perching
Somewhere in this world
Somewhere in this jungle
When it comes to time girl
At the minute I’ve a bundle
So while I wait
I’m going to date
Try and mate
While keeping a bit of faith
I’m only young, having fun, I’m trying to live life
So when i’m done I’ll be ready to give life
May take the mother for a wife
And give my child advice
That’s why I’m getting it out of my system
So when I’m old I don’t end up wishing
Feel something in my life is missing
End up with a bottle reminiscing
That’s why I’m holding the bottle now
When the time comes, I’ll take my bow
Settle down, raise a family
There’s nothing in life, that should make you feel more manly
Give up all the other ladies
For a woman’s love, and a couple of babies
But for the minute I’m only young
It’s awhile away, so I’m having fun
Just saying I’ll be ready when the time comes.

Like a lot of men I dream
One day I’ll find a queen
Form a team
And find out what life really means
Marry their mum
Raise some little ones
Maybe daughters, maybe sons
I’m taking life as it comes
Cause each day, brings new circumstances
Meaning of life? each day brings new answers
We’re growing wiser everyday
One day we’ll put the cider away
To watch our little ones play
Stamp out the drugs
May be young, but not mugs
But for now, set me free
Let me be, on my journey of self discovery
I’ll be back eventually
For now I’m a explore the world
Meet new people, adore different girls
Explore all aspects of life
And find out which aspect is right
For me, for now life’s a party
And my minds open on it’s journey.
Are you an optimist too? cause this an optimist view
You have the option too
There’s nothing stopping you
Only young open your mind
Have your fun, don’t waste time.

I see life as an adventure
And me I’m going to venture
What does the future hold?
Ssssh! man, I don’t want to be told
I want to see my life unfold
With my own eyes
I wanna be there for the truth, laughs, and highs
And for the lows, tears, and lies
I wanna experience everything
Ready for anything
And everything I’m cherishing
Want a full life lived when I’m perishing
But these aren’t thoughts of death
They’re thoughts of life
And with every breath, am I living that life right?
Not right by them, but right by me
I’ve got no children, I’m single I’m free
When the time comes, I’ll fulfill my responsibility
Don’t want to be the lad who runs a mile
I want to be glad, and ready with a smile
That’s the dream
Don’t rip the seam
I’m keeping my mind on the best
Spent a little time being depressed
With this view, feel anything’s possible
Feel ready to chew, any obstacle
And though I got a thirst for life
I still know what comes first in life
And that’s family and friends
So if you’re not coming with me, we’ll be together come the end
And if you ever need me, I’m only a call away
Won’t see me stall, I’ll drop it all,
But I’m a have a ball, until that day.

© Daniel Breslin