Stepping From Dark

Keep trying to step from darkness
Somehow it keeps pulling back
As people keep pulling my heart strings
And I haven’t the strength to let them snap.

We’re responsible for ourselves
Is my minds revolving thought
And if we don’t accept and give self help
We can and do get quickly lost.

Keep slipping falling back
Trying to lift others up
We’re responsible for our own traps, I know that
But some ties are too hard to cut.

But it’s messing me up in other ways
As I don’t do things the way I should
Sometimes things are so hard to communicate
That when we try, we mess them up.

I keep losing the things I care about
Some lose themselves, some I scare off
As I try to step from hell, regain my whereabouts
And run like hell, till hell wears off.

© Daniel Breslin