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Cracks Of Light

The things that give us structure
The things that keep us sane
When we’re feeling completely ruptured
Dealing with our pain.
When the things that hit us hard
Let us not do things as we could
When we struggle in our hearts
To give ourselves self love.
When the things that cause us stresses
Keep us locked-down in our minds
And lockdowns surely test us
Especially over time.
When hope it keeps on leaving
Every time it feels near
And it feels life keeps on thieving 
Anything resembling clear.
We must focus on the small things
Hold those small things dear
And do our best above all things
Not to completely cave to fear.
I get mad at myself sometimes
And I get scared of what I have for me here
When I see less and less of good times
And things and those I love are seldom near.
It is then I cling to structure
And the little cracks of light that appear
They keep me from cracking up in my mind
And keep hope a little closer than fear.
Be gentle with your own minds
When dark times do appear
We’re all traveling through our own lives
With different challenges and hopes while we're here.
Battling our feelings and our minds
We battle most everything we fear
And I just hope as we walk through dark times
For you, that little bit of structure, and cracks of light appear.
When you are walking through those dark times
Try take something from the fact you are here
And keep battling through those dark times
Till those cracks of light appear.

© Daniel Breslin