Tender Years

He’s just buzzing with his girl
They out just hanging out
She laughing off her head
He smiling off his mouth.

They don’t care much
For much but each other
They ain’t much to fuss
They just happy being lovers.

They a sight to see
As they strolling holding hands
He spins her round, I see
She laughing at her man.

I didn’t hear what he said
But it’s clear he’s embarrassed himself
She laughing off her head
He yells,’You better not tell anyone else.’

She starts acting coy
Toying with her man
This man is but a boy
But right now, seems more man than I am.

He grabs her pulls her close
And their eyes light up the night
Whispers something funny I suppose
As their laughter breathes new life.

He helps her laugh away her fears
She silences his screams
As two souls of tender years
Live the stuff of dreams.

© Daniel Breslin