The Life In You

It’s them days where things don’t fall into place
More quick to fall apart
People maybe show a false face
Play games with your heart.

Some wish you well to your face
Wish you hell behind your back
That, can leave a bitter taste
But we’ve all had our share of that.

Some people like to split the decks
Love to see that drama come
Most have had enough drama in their lives
Only wish to see that drama run.

Still that can leave you low
Which brings you back to you
Do others stop your flow?
Or do you learn to push through?

You can’t get anything done
Without some people talking
When I started sharing poems when I was young?
Sometimes the laughter, would only stop in a room when I walked in.

The main thing is that it stopped
Or at least it temporarily curbed its flow
There’s many times life will leave you knocked
But I know no other way to grow.

There’s so much to take the wind from your sail
So much out there to hold you back
So many defeats upon life’s trail
Don’t add yourself to that.

People will put you down
Don’t put yourself down too
Most people only put you down
Cause deep down they’re hurting too.

We’re all in this the same
We all just dancing to the grave
Which means we all share a similar kind of pain
Just experience and express it in different ways.

So try to be brave in your expressions
And try not become a slave to your defeats
For in my defeats have come some of my greatest lessons
And where grounded, I’ve often found my feet.

If you can show others compassion
Try show some compassion for yourself
And don’t be afraid of action
And pay less heed to talk and a little more to those who help.

You will make mistakes
There’s no other way to help yourself
Times you’ll lose face
Question the good or love in yourself.

But that’s the world of growth
That’s the dance of life
And it’s only with a mix of grit and hope
That we ever find victory in the fight.

There’s so many defeats upon the road
The only real victory is in how we battle
How we help each other with the load
Make it lighter with love and laughter’s cackle.

There’s days everything will be questioned
Days you’ll question everything too
Just try keep learning from life’s lessons
And as much as possible, not let them lessen, the life in you.

© Daniel Breslin