The One We Ran Away

Sometimes we hurt
The one’s we love
Cause we are hurting
So deep ourselves

And it’s hard to believe we can experience
The warmth of something that good
While we’re suffering
The cold of hell.

Sometimes we try to ask for help
In the strangest of ways
Cause we’re still trying to protect ourselves
So there’s certain things that we don’t say.

It can be hard to trust your feelings
When all your feelings are doing is getting hurt
And all your efforts and dealings
Keep failing to work.

So we focus on our wounds
Heal in any way we can
It’s not a smooth steady move
It’s a messy, fractured plan.

We focus on ourselves
A little blind to other costs
Even if one of the things driving us from hell
Is that pain of loss.

But maybe we can’t right them wrongs
How we were, when we’re in pain
And all our focus went on getting strong
So we never hurt that way again.

Maybe there’s little we can do
And much less that we can say
And the one we feel sure we love
Will always be, the one we ran away.

© Daniel Breslin