This Is Now

That was then
This is now
That was when
This is how.

Your past
Does not define your future
So keep the present
In your mind.

And with every step
In present
Your future
Is being designed.

Let go
Of what's not yours
And claim
This moment in time.

There's so many
Possible futures
But now
Is the only real time.

We can all get bogged in the past
But once that journey is through
And the future is where our eye is cast
Don't let that future hog your view.

The future is behind a curtain
In the future there's nothing we can do
So keep your mind working
In the present, serving you.

Enjoy what you can see
Enjoy what you can feel
For they are what is here
And they are what is real.

Step into your life
Step into your time
In yourself delight
Take a little weight from your mind.

Focus on what we can
Focus on what we have
Let go what didn't go to plan
What's making you feel bad.

Step into your present
And step towards your future
Enjoy each others presence
Do less of what doesn't suit you.

For that might of been then
But this, this is now
That, was always when
But this, this is how.

© Daniel Breslin