Want To Scream

Doesn’t it make you want to scream
Tear your hair out at night
As the world applauds the obscene
And the obscene lauds the light.

When those in the highest places
Feed you what you know is lies
And the world applauds their tastelessness
And the shit deceives the flies.

Doesn’t it twist and turn your stomach
Until you barely hold down your food
How the majority always seem outnumbered
Beneath the few from which their ruled.

When man can be stripped of dignity
Forced out of his home
And the world offers little sympathy
For this man worked to the bone.

When all you’ve worked for can be taken
Shaken from your grasp
And it’s those that done the breaking
Do the taking to wipe their ass.

When our most prided values are lost
Batted away like vermin
And the vermin push on at any cost
And the world just keeps on turning.

When wars are fought behind a veiled cause
Man is killed like some would a fly
And the world barely takes time to pause
For this is nothing new in humanities eye.

When ignorance is viewed as bliss
Thoughts are rarely given time
Victims applaud in an oblivious mist
As the criminals resolve to solve the crime.

© Daniel Breslin