Why Is It You?

I just wanted to talk to you
How stupid was that?
That when I was feeling low
It was with you I wanted to chat?

I don’t want to bring you down
Up is the only place for you
But why is it when I’m down
I always wish I was with you?

I’ve tried to understand
The distance in your tone
Suppose I’m half a mad man
Maybe spent too much time walking alone.

But why is it that it’s you?
Your company I wish?
God dammit I’m strong too
Is there a strength in you I miss?

Why do I believe in you so much?
When you don’t seem to give a damn for me?
And why do I keep putting my thoughts on view
For the whole damn world to see?

Don’t worry I’m moving on
Heart’s opening to others too
But just about now, somehow, the luckiest man it thinks it know
Is still the one waking up to you.

Why is it you?

© Daniel Breslin