All Cried Out

She’s all cried out
All but died within
She’s all lied out
But she’s still trying.

He keeps coming
She beats him back
He comes back running
She beats him black.
He comes with loving
He’s such a sap
She knows he’s coming
She sets a trap.

Welcomes him in
Then moves the post
Every time he gives in
She gives new hope.
He knows what she’s doing
But he loves her deeply
She knows what she’s doing
She gives a beating.

He loves her much
So he stands for more
Such an innocent pup
She is so hardcore
He gives his love
She beats it back
Wants him to give up
But he won’t do that.

He comes again
With a sudden charge
She lets him in
Then hits him hard
Drives him back
He drops to the floor
A little slower perhaps
He rises once more.

This time she loses it
She beats him fiercely
More than bruises him
He falls back weakly
Now when he hits the floor
His eyes can’t match her gaze
She knows he can’t take more
She finally knows it’s end of days.

And as he let’s her go
She knows she’s proven that she’s strong
She learns what only the strongest know
The strong are often wrong.
For as he crawls away
Broken in all except the bone
Her heart feels a certain ache
And awakes a protective stone.

A tear comes to her eye
But she’ll not let it drop
She’s not soft enough to cry
But she knows, the lying’s got to stop.

© Daniel Breslin