Forget You Never

Forget you never
You gave me memories to treasure
Through rough weather
We always stuck together
Bonded forever
My friends
Like Hooly and Shane Markey
Session never ends
Truly the life and soul of the party
Then there’s Fitzer
The word mixer
We been getting kicks for ages
Bout how he mix his phrases
Muddled words emerge
Bringing laughter to the herd
Of mates, that is us
Big gang so many you could fill a bus
Mates I trust
Always with me
When life was pretty
And when it’s shitty
True friends aren’t picky
When you’re down
They lift you up
Don’t put you down
They pick you up
When you’re laughing
They laugh with you
It’s a bond I’m clasping
I got past with you.
Friends I’ll always need
Memories I recall help me breathe
At times when I’m just chilling
It’s times with you start filling
My head
Remember a joke someone said
And hope there is more of them ahead
An act that someone did
Back when we were kids
Back to a certain time, a certain place
When everything was fine, everything felt great
With this in mind, I’ll easily state
No matter what happened, that time was no waste
We’ve had many hard sessions
We’ve had many hard lessons
From infants to adolescents
Some more innocent, some more questioned
But through all of it, we’ve had our laughs
From all of it, some have taken different paths
But we cross paths
Time and time again
We’ll always cross paths
Cause always time for a friend

Forget you never.
Through rough weather
We always stuck together.

© Daniel Breslin