Be Brave

Put them smooth tunes on
Go on pass me a beer
Grab one yourself
Let’s raise them in a cheers.

I seen you brother
You been going through the pain
Broke up with your lover
Found another all the same.

I saw you man
You know you’re my boy
Said you’d never find another
No other could bring you joy.

Yet here you are
Got a beer in your hand
Been a hard year
But the year made the man.

We got them good tunes on
Laughing a little
You ain’t worried bout that girl
To tell the truth her heart was fickle.

Now here you are
Got a woman smiling out the back
She a good woman too
I wouldn’t lie about that.

Love of a good woman
Make any mans day
That’s why you smiling like a child
Like everything in the world okay.

Don’t give me that shit
Don’t try brush it off
You just smiling like a kid
I ain’t saying that you’re soft.

Ah yeah, yeah, go on
Give me that big man shit
Telling me you don’t give a fuck
Trying to push that smile up off your lip.

You feeling good
I still see it in your eyes
Everybody need love
That’s not something you should hide.

I know you worried of the risk
As you been hurt before
And that old wound
Might still be a little sore.

But they all hurt you brother
Of that there’s nothing more sure
You just got to find another
That’s worth hurting for.

Now I don’t know much
But I know a good heart when I see it
And if you don’t let your fear fuck it up
This woman she could be it.

And for all you know
That woman been hurt and scared too
But she out there being brave
Accepting you for you.

So don’t fear to love
It’s what keeps us young, keeps us kids
That’s why that woman out back
Got that big dumb smile upon your lips.

Ah yeah, yeah, go on
Give me that macho crap
But let’s still clink beers
Do that man pat on the back.

I feel good for you brother
Happy for you through and through
And I can’t see the future
But this feels good for you.

I know it’s been hard
Pain is something we all go through
But what really makes the difference
Is your emerging view.

Now you can act tough
When you go back out there
I’m not telling you to rush
Just telling you to push through your scares.

So you go on out there
And you act the big man
But deep down, I know you just a scared little boy
Same as I am.

© Daniel Breslin