Allowed A Smile

I’m feeling a little good
Coming from a time of stress
Borne out of love
But not always brought out my best.

Gone a little backwards
To ultimately move forward
Though the thing about moving backwards
Is at times, it’s hard to see any reward.

Fighting battles that weren’t really mine
But ones that must be fought
Are battles with which I’m fine
But time itself is inevitably lost.

I’m moving toward the light
Trying to move at a little pace
Trying to change the fight
To a fight that’s more my taste.

Put my energy somewhere better
Put it in battles that are good for me
I was raised under pressure
So a fighter is what I be.

Battle’s come in all shapes and sizes
Mine’s more the fight of the internal
And the thing about life is
While you have it, the fight is eternal.

We got to pick our battles wisely
But there’s some we can’t avoid
And we got to leave some battles timely
Before our self’s destroyed.

I’m not one for regrets
So regrets aren’t what I have
Just focusing on my forward steps
And of them, I’m always glad.

Every time I think I’m out
Something goes and pulls me back in
And while I don’t mean to sound like Pacino
That’s just how it’s been.

Darkness still up here
But it is dwindling in might
It’s just lingering in the rear
And that’s not in my sight.

So I’m allowed a smile
If I say so myself
Not been living for me in awhile
So now that my mind’s on that, maybe lady luck will help.

© Daniel Breslin