Be Real

Make time for things you care about
Drop time for things you don’t
In turn life will better fare out
Trust in yourself when others won’t.

Don’t waste your blessed time
For time is all we have
Give it when it’s needed
Take it back when it’s been had.

Don’t waste much time on others
Don’t let others waste time on you
That’s a sign of weakness
Not something real people do.

Be real with your heart
Be real with your talk
Be true to your word
Try your best to walk the walk.

If others treat you poorly
Do your best to rise above
Don’t lower yourself to their standards
Keep your standards, increase self love.

Not saying turn the other cheek
We’ve to do what we have to do
Just in my experience focusing on self
Is the better option of two.

When others let you down
As they inevitably will
Revert your focus on you
Progress, let time heal and kill.

Be real with yourself
But don’t be too hard
Don’t expect too much from others
Sometimes it’s best to accept or discard.

Try not take much advice from me
Only the advice to listen to you
And while doing right by yourself
Try to do right by others too.

We are all in a sinking ship
On the greatest ship to ever sail
When you’re struggling to deal with your shit
You might need some friends to fight the gale.

In life we work better together
Times we need help, so try help others too
For life is something to treasure
So much pleasure is out waiting for you.

Go out and do your thing
Sing and dance through the rain
Savour and drink in the Sun
Encouraging others to do the same.

Laugh yourself to death
Be real, be real, be real
And may you leave this world with little regret
Knowing you kept, your part of the deal.

© Daniel Breslin