Behind the Door

Lonely girl doesn’t know what to do
All these boys do
Is take advantage of you
Because you cling to
Any man that passes and shows interest
Says he’ll treat you like a Princess
They come over smooth and slick
But disappear pretty quick
Once they satisfy their dick
They treat you like a thick
Alone you often wonder
Why every relationship you have falls asunder
All these men do is plunder
Take what isn’t theirs
You pray God will hear your prayers
And send you someone who cares
But you’ve got a name now
You only get horny stares
They look at you like you’re meat
You can’t escape your past on this street
So with a different face often retreat in defeat
Then when they’re gone often weep
Echoing in her head is their laughter
Bragging bout how they pass her
Love and stability is all she’s after
But every man she meets spells disaster
She wants a shoulder to cry on
The world’s colder, she wants someone to rely on
But nothing is happening for her here
Another year, another tear
Another weekend, more beer
Another Prince lying here
The morning sun causes him to disappear
Cause once you take away the ale
So ends the fairy tale
Doesn’t even really crave the sex
She just wants someone lying next
To her, at night
Someone to hold her tight
And whisper everything will be alright.

Behind the door the teardrops fall
Unbeknown to those who surround that wall
Eyes judge but never know
Because some things, we never show.

Made her mistakes when she was younger
They call her cheap tart
Nearly breaks and falls asunder
But manages to keep heart
On her own, stakes a call of wonder
Will she find a sweet heart?
Maybe I was dumb
I regret ‘some’ things I did
Can’t they see I was young?
I was just a kid
But now no one wants me
They taunt me
Their laughter haunts me
She’s scared
So unprepared
For what lies in store
Wants to be seen as a lady
But they treat her like a whore
They tease her
She wishes they would leave her
They act as if her heart is made of stone
But it’s not, it is tender
Her heart craves a contender
She’s got no one to defend her
So she prays heaven will send her
A Prince
To sweep her off her feet
It makes her wince
Their words cut so deep
She wants them to love her
For what’s in her chest
But when they see her chest
They only see her breast
Will her heart ever be at rest
She hears them jest
Under their breath
She dies a death
But tries her best
To keep composure
Let their insults roll over
Just fly right by her head
But at night she cries while she’s in bed.

They see her as a possession
But she rarely offers rejection
Cause she sees these as offers of affection
Which poses the question
Will she ever learn her lesson?
The thought turns her to depression
She’s in despair
As she sees them stare
Her heart begins to tear
Life can be so unfair
Life can be so cruel
They play her for a fool
As they trample on her
Barely ample honour
Her pride is fading
Inside she’s craving
A human touch
She needs a touch of luck
She’s feeling stuck
Her heart’s reeling cut
She’s tired of being the butt
Of all the local blokes jokes
Say she’s the local bike with spokes
But she’s just a lonely girl with hopes
She’s against the ropes
She’s feeling bruised
Another bloke has her feeling used
His lies leave her confused
They laugh but she’s not amused
It’s hard to chew
She’s living to rue
All the foolish things the youth do
You can laugh but this could easily be you
She feels she’s fighting a battle she’s destined to lose
She feels frightened so sets in the blues
She wishes if for one day, they could wear her shoes
Maybe that day, they would cease to stare and abuse
But it’s just a wish, so still their venom spews.

Behind the door the teardrops fall
Unbeknown to those who surround that wall
Eyes judge but never know
Because some things, we never show.

© Daniel Breslin