Being a Kid

I remember being a kid
How creative were our minds?
In every object something lived
New worlds could be created at any time.

Left alone with our toys
New worlds would come alive
Soldiers sent to battle by the boys
Some girls making Kens take Barbies as wives.

I remember when given next to nothing
How much fun a child could make
When just the world and its restructuring
Made any normal day, a potential play date.

When simple games of hide and seek
Could make any day so thrilling
Playing cops and robbers in the street
Made us all actors, at dying and killing.

I remember how many smiles and laughs
Were had in these simple games
Just the thoughts bring the smiles back
As I take trips down my memories lanes.

What it is to be young?
Of course we can never know at the time
For our lives have only begun
And this is how it will always be, to our young minds.

© Daniel Breslin